The burgers at Max’s Burgers and Gyros are just right. File photo
The burgers at Max’s Burgers and Gyros are just right. File photo


I’m loving John Adams (sorry, ‘Hamilton’), juicy burgers and Comedy City

By Joe Robertson

August 03, 2017 12:49 PM

Here’s what reporter Joe Robertson is into right now:

Not “Hamilton.” (John Adams!)

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I’m just pretending to be countercultural here. “Hamilton” the Broadway musical is a fabulously raucous civics lesson as we all know by now. But, as a good Unitarian Universalist, I am redeeming our denomination’s favorite founding patriot, John Adams, who is kicked aside in Lin-Manuel Miranda’s musical. I picked up David McCullough’s Pulitzer-winning biography that lifts Adams as the titan of the great American experiment, teamed gloriously and lovingly with the amazing Abigail Adams. Way to go, John.

New York’s Q2

Now I am being countercultural. We do classical music a grave disservice when we treat it like a museum of dusty musical wallpaper. Living composers are writing and performing daring stuff (that I like). To listen in, look up New York’s Q2 radio on the internet. Intriguing, challenging contemporary art — for the ears. Sometimes even beautiful.

Blue River/Indian Creek Trail

Despite a spate of alarming news, the Indian Creek Trail system is still one of my favorite places in town.
Joe Robertson

How odd it was to be named as a threatened demographic: middle-aged white males who walk a dog on the Indian Creek and Blue River Trail. I’m unfazed by the reports of homicides, so the lush woodland walk east of Lydia Avenue continues to be one of my regular joys — with wife Amy and girl-doggie Layla. If you really want a sensory experience, walk the trail at night without a flashlight. Follow the courses of the moon, watch for bats, feel the deepness of the trees and the changing aura of the night sky. (This Amy will not do, which I completely understand.)

Max’s Burgers and Gyros

This was a new stop for me. I like burgers with nothing but cheese and mayonnaise — really focusing on the flavor in a charred, pink-centered, juicy meat patty. I got exactly what I hoped for at Max’s — a tiny food stop on Wornall Road just north of 85th Street. I sat outside under one of their red umbrellas in the sun with Layla. We’re definitely going back.

Comedy City

The improv at Comedy City is worth a return trip.

We made a mistake when we left our teenage boys at home for our recent venture into the Comedy City improv theater in the shopping strip at 3600 Broadway Ave. It’s a show for grown-ups, but you’ll feel perfectly fine bringing your teens with you, which we’ll do next time. And Comedy City’s voice from the back of the room just said: “Thanks for the warning.”