Apple will release non-binary emojis outside the male-female binary. Apple
Apple will release non-binary emojis outside the male-female binary. Apple


Identify as something other than male or female? Apple has some new emojis for you.

By Josh Magness

October 06, 2017 10:45 AM

Apple previewed new emojis set to be released later this month — including ones that depict gender neutral people.

The emojis will be available on iPhones starting next week in “public beta previews of iOS 11.1,” Apple wrote online, and will also be included in other software updates.

There will be hundreds of new emojis included in the new update, including those genderless characters of different races and ages, according to the Fader.

As there is a growing acceptance of the LGBT community in America, more and more people have begun to reveal their gender identities that fall outside of the presumed male-female binary.

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One such example of that is the increasing number of non-binary people, who also identify with terms like “gender queer” and “agender.”

Pop star Miley Cyrus told Variety that she identifies as “gender-neutral” in 2016, while both Oregon and Washington, D.C., offer gender-neutral options for driver’s licenses. Also, a fifth-grade teacher in Florida was reportedly booted from their classroom after asking students to refer to them with the gender-neutral prefix “Mx” and pronouns “they, them and their,” according to The Washington Post.

Here’s an example of those genderless emojis.

Apple will release non-binary emojis outside the male-female binary.

It’s not the first time Apple has updated its collection of iconic emojis to keep up with the changing landscape of our society.

In 2015, Apple released a whole batch of emojis with varying skin colors to match its diverse customer base, drawing controversy from some, according to The Washington Post.

And the latest introduction of non-gendered emojis has sparked reaction from many on Twitter with different views on the update.

The new gender-neutral emoji has a ...mullet? Let's discuss

— Nicole Nguyen (@itsnicolenguyen) October 6, 2017

apple is releasing a gender-neutral emoji happy friday!!!!

— Alex Maxx (@panicathequeso) October 6, 2017

Gender-Neutral Emoji has got to be the end of humanity as we know it.

— Mike Pinola (@MikePinola) October 6, 2017

How can you tell what gender an emoji is? Aren't you assuming what it is if you can't ask it what it's preferred pronouns are?

— Coming in hot (@droppinglowedz) October 6, 2017

The gender neutral senior emoji honestly just looks like a grandma

— uh-starr (@shottie__) October 6, 2017

Other upcoming emojis, according to Apple, include ones with sign language, mythical creatures such as a male fairy and animals, including a giraffe and hedgehog. There will also be a breastfeeding character, zombie and orange heart, which the Fader wrote will allow users to finally create a full rainbow of hearts.