Michael Beasley (left) said Frank Martin (right) didn’t pay him to attend Kansas State. Orlin Wagner The Associated Press
Michael Beasley (left) said Frank Martin (right) didn’t pay him to attend Kansas State. Orlin Wagner The Associated Press

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Michael Beasley: Manhattan, Kan., population ‘multiplied by five, six’ because of him

By Pete Grathoff


September 27, 2017 02:01 PM

Former Kansas State star Michael Beasley has said quite a few, um, interesting things in the last few days.

But this one takes the cake. The FBI bribery scandal that broke Tuesday has rocked college basketball. Beasley, who is with the Knicks, was asked at practice Wednesday whether college players should be paid. Reporter Mike Vorkunov shared what Beasley said on Twitter.

“I went to a small school in Manhattan, Kan., that nobody heard of in 25 years,” Beasley said. “That the city of Manhattan has now multiplied by five, six — should I be compensated?”

Beasley, who played at K-State in 2007-08, was asked to clarify whether he was saying that Manhattan’s population has increased because of him.*

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*Roughly 52,000 people live in Manhattan now, so it would have been a really small city when he was there.

Beasley’s response: “My jerseys. They sell my jerseys. Not just me, but Kentucky and Anthony Davis. USC and O.J. Mayo. Western Kentucky and Courtney Lee. We bring a lot to these schools and we can’t even park in front of the arenas in games. They still make us, as freshman, park two parking lots away from the dorm rooms in the freezing cold. So do I think most of the players should be compensated? Yes, because most of us don’t make it this level. A lot of us don’t make it to the professional level, let alone the NBA. So I do think guys should be getting paid? The NCAA is making billions. …”

The FBI investigation alleges that college programs have paid high school players to attend certain universities. Beasley was asked whether that happened to him at Kansas State under coach Frank Martin, who is now at South Carolina.

“I didn’t get paid to go to Kansas State,” Beasley said. “We did it the right way. Frank is a morally humble guy, confident in his ways of basketball and recruiting. And him throwing a dollar out — listen, he’s cheap.”

In short: Beasley never received a bribe, Frank Martin is cheap and Manhattan, Kan., is bigger at least in part because Beasley played there.

Those comments came a day after Beasley had a strange conversation with Taylor Rooks, a SportsNet New York anchor. Their discussion somehow turned to the urban legend of people using just 10 percent of their brains.

Beasley believes that folklore and is convinced that someone is using 11 percent of their brain. Here is a snippet of what he said:

From Michael Beasley podcast...we debated & disagreed about this (& much more) for at least 15 min. WHO IS RIGHT? https://t.co/2Bess1WpN2 pic.twitter.com/VrnggG7Bk1

— Taylor Rooks (@TaylorRooks) September 26, 2017

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