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Exorcist priest warns of Celine Dion’s clothing line for kids: ‘definitely Satanic’

A longtime Roman Catholic exorcist has warned about the messaging behind Celine Dion’s new line of gender-neutral clothing for children, suggesting the Canadian songstress collaborated with the devil himself on the new baby onesies and kiddie T-shirts.

The clothing line — called Celinununu — dumps the pink-is-for-girls-blue-is-for-boys theme.

In Celinununu land, babies wear gender-neutral black-and-white onesies decorated with stars and boldly emblazoned with the slogan “New Order.”

That does not sit well with author Patti Armstrong, a North Dakota mother of 10 children who writes for the National Catholic Register.

YouTube screengrab

In a blog post last week, Armstrong wrote that the clothing indicates Dion “has gone to the dark side,” and she sought a second opinion from a man who knows that side well — Monsignor and exorcist John Esseff in the Diocese of Scranton, Pennsylvania.

Esseff founded the exorcist-training entity, Pope Leo XIII Institute in Illinois, according to Armstrong.

“I’m convinced that the way this gender thing has spread is demonic,” the monsignor told Armstrong. “It’s false. I don’t even know how many genders there’s supposed to be now, but there are only two that God made.”

He said the “devil is going after children by confusing gender.”

There is nothing confusing about the message behind the clothing. It’s stated in bold lettering on its website.

“CELINUNUNU unites two forces by one voice: Fashion has the power to shape people’s minds. Inspire your children to be free and find their own individuality through clothes,” the website says.

According to press materials, the line “is in collaboration with the minimalist unisex kids label nununu, not Satan,” wrote New York-based Paper magazine.

Yahoo Lifestyle wrote that instead of sending “some demonic secret message, it appears Dion’s new line just favors minimalism in both shapes and colors. With their simple designs, the clothes are black and white. If anything, Dion is encouraging our children to be goth.”

Celinununu baby onesie. YouTube screengrab

Dion stars in a cinematic promotion for the line — which Paper called “admittedly bizarre” — that has scooped up nearly 1 million views on YouTube.

It shows her breaking into a hospital nursery where some of the babies are swaddled in pink blankets, others in blue. She blows a handful of black glitter into the air, and the babies get an instant fashion makeover, appearing in monochromatic Celinununu onesies.

“The trailer for Celinununu saw Dion as a vigilante, freeing babies from the oppressive gender binary,” wrote Out magazine.

“People behind this are influencing children to disorder,” Esseff said. “This is definitely satanic. There is a mind behind it — an organized mindset.

“The devil is a liar and there are huge lies being told,” he told Armstrong. “This is being done for money, and there is divisiveness that comes from this — marks of the devil.”

Armstrong fashion-reviewed the clothing, too, which she deemed “hideously ugly.”

“The babies and children look sullen. Who would pay $77 for a baby blanket with skulls or $161 for a jacket that looks like a trash bag. And who wants a baby playsuit with skulls?” she wrote.

Paper magazine’s take? “... siding with Lucifer on this on this one.”


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