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Nutter Home Loans: Home Loans Now a Source of Extra Cash for Millions

Home financing in past decades was a tedious undertaking and predominantly served two purposes – to either purchase a home or to refinance an existing mortgage at a lower interest rate.

Homeowners often learned after their loan closed that their lender was a middleman who sold their loan days later to the highest bidder, erasing any notion of the lender being “local.” For many, their loans changed hands several times throughout the years they owned their home. This periodic change of servicing created tension and worry for the homeowner.

The New Way

Nutter Home Loans has invested in technology to improve the process of how home loans are done. The process is so easy that consumers can apply for a loan on their mobile phone with a few taps whether they are purchasing a home or refinancing. Nutter’s experienced loan officers help customers determine the loan options that best fit their needs. Once the loan has closed with Nutter, customers can access their account information, make payments and review their account information online.

Plus, their payments stay in Kansas City.

Untapped Equity

About 70 million homeowners are qualified to tap into more than $14.4 trillion in home equity, according to a TransUnion study from October 2018. The study reported that the top reasons for refinancing are home remodeling and other big-ticket items, debt consolidation and obtaining a better interest rate or a different term on their loan. Home prices in the Kansas City area are projected to rise

6-8 percent in 2019, as high demand for the relatively few available homes is expected to continue. An increase in home value generates more equity that homeowners can use to remodel their home to create the spaces they want now. This in turn, can better position their home in the market when they are ready to sell.

Getting Cash Back

Conditions for home financing are advantageous right now. Home values are up, and interest rates are still very low – making this a uniquely special time for homeowners to leverage the significant equity many of them have accumulated. Consumers who refinance to get cash back can use the cash for anything, such as home renovation, tuition bills or to pay off high-interest credit card debt and a second mortgage.

“Getting a cash-back loan with Nutter is a smart way to get the needed cash with the convenience of one low monthly payment,” CEO Jim Nutter said. “We often have clients who remodel and consolidate debt and still get a lower monthly house payment. It is truly amazing.

“Families juggling finances as they try to make dreams come true can be stressful. It really makes our day and theirs when we show them that they can update their home, consolidate debt and maybe even improve their cash flow substantially through a simple refinance. We are grateful for our customers and the positive feedback and reviews we’ve been given.”


Nutter Home Loans

816-531.2345 |

James B. Nutter & Company DBA Nutter Home Loans NMLS# 2067, 4153 Broadway, KCMO, 64111.


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